During the summer term of 1993, Prof. Beutelspacher who worked at the JLU Giessen held a seminar on „geometrical models“ for students of teaching. Participants were asked to build their own geometrical models and to explain the mathematic principal behind them.

The first exhibition „geometrical models“ was held at Philosophikum II (JLU) in 1994. Some of the exhibits shown there are still in the Mathematikum today, for example the „triangular pyramid inside a cube“.

In 1994 the exhibition was shown outside of Giessen for the first time. „Hands-on Mathematics“ was presented at the School Museum in Nürnberg.

In 1966 the „Booster Club for the Establishment of a Mathamatics Museum in Giessen e.V.“ was founded. This was a milestone in the development of the Mathematikum.

Construction of the Mathematikum started in 2002. On November, 19, 2002, former Federal President Johannes Rau inaugrated the new museum. At first there were about 50 exhibits, all of which were produced by the Mathematikum‘s work shop. In 2003, the „big ball path“ as well as the second floor opened.

In 2009, the „Mini-Mathematikum“ was opened  to the public. It is a special area for children aged four to eight years.


  1. Mathematics for everyone
    Visitos can actively conduct over 170 experiments to learn about mathematics in a playful fashion.

  1. Hands-on Mathematics

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